Plagiarism policy

The Editorial Board of the journal considers plagiarism in articles unacceptable (publication in a written or electronic form of the research results obtained and published by other persons as the author’s own contribution, or reprint of the published texts authored by other persons without proper reference thereto).

The articles must not contain:

  • copied or published work executed by other scholars and presented as the author’s own findings.
  • word-for-word copying of fragments of any text (from a single phrase to several sentences) without proper quotation formatting;
  • slightly modified copied material (re-phrased sentences, changes in the word order, etc.) without proper quotation/reference formatting;
  • other people’s thoughts, ideas or texts rendered in the author’s own words without providing proper references to the sources. 

The author must provide references to his or her own previously published works.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject any manuscript containing borrowings  from previous publications without proper references thereto and can cancel any publication pursuant to a plagiarism complaint. 

The Editorial Board use Unicheck, eTXT Antiplagiarism.